• What is he getting? Will Shu, co-founder and chief executive, will hold a stake worth about £500m and retain 57 per cent of the voting rights. That dual-class control will allow him to veto any attempt to oust him from the board by other investors, as well as block a takeover for up to three years after the IPO.
  • Why are investors concerned? “It is important to protect minority and end-investors against potential poor management behaviour that could lead to value destruction and avoidable investor loss.” LGIM said.
  • There is a growing concern around how Deliveroo is treating its 100,000 couriers who deliver orders.
  • Why are investors concerned? There is a potential regulatory risk as governments around the world take a closer look at the gig economy model / the long term relationship between Deliveroo and its drivers. Investors also voiced concerns as Deliveroo’s drivers self-employed status denies them the right to a minimum wage, sick pay or holidays.
  • ESG fund universe grew by more than 100% during 2020 with total ESG assets now estimated at $7.2trn versus $3trn in 2019
  • U.S. experienced the biggest adoption increase in 2020, but more than 80% of sustainable assets still reside in Europe
  • JESG indices outperformed baseline indices by ~40bps in 2020 and assets tracked against the JESG indices now exceed $20bn



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