1. United States: 19.51 million bpd
  2. Saudi Arabia: 11.81 million bpd
  3. Russia: 11.49 million bpd
  4. Canada: 5.50 million bpd
  5. China: 4.89 million bpd
  6. Iraq: 4.74 million bpd
  7. United Arab Emirates (UAE): 4.01 million bpd
  8. Brazil: 3.67 million bpd
  9. Iran: 3.19 million bpd
  10. Kuwait: 2.94 million bpd
  • JP Morgan — Announced its carbon reduction targets to align its financing with the #ParisAgreement. Its ESG report detailed its steps towards carbon neutrality including energy efficiency initiatives.
  • Unilever — Announced earlier in the year that everyone who directly provides goods and services to the company earns at least a living wage or income by 2030.
  • Nestle — Forest positive agenda. Nestlé Annual Progress Report 2021 on tackling #deforestation highlights its commitment to ending deforestation in its supply chain.



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