• Kathy Matsui: Kathy Matsui is the former Vice-Chair of Goldman Sachs Japan & founding General Partner at MPower Partners. Kathy recently launched MPower Partners Fund LP, Japan’s first ESG-focused Global Venture Capital Fund.
  • Shaheen Contractor: Shaheen Contractor is an ESG Research Analyst at Bloomberg LP. Shaheen’s role includes analysing #ESGrisks and opportunities. Shaheen recently delivered a presentation on ESG integration & trends in a webinar on ‘The Future of Sustainable Investing.’
  • May J: May J. is Managing Director and European Head of Sustainable & Impact Banking at Barclays Investment Bank. May has been at Barclays for just under 19 years and took over as Head of Sustainable & Impact Investing in 2019.
  • Lareina Yee: Lareina Yee (she, her) is a Senior Partner and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at McKinsey & Company. She leads McKinsey’s research initiative on Women in the Workplace and their series Race in the Workplace.
  • Lisa Jackson: Lisa Jackson is the Vice President of Environment, Policy, Social Initiatives at Apple. Formerly the Environmental Protection Agency administrator under the Obama Administration, Lisa is now helping to make Apple’s supply chain and products #carbonneutral by 2030.
  • 84% consider how a company treats its employees when becoming a customer
  • 81% say a business’ impact on its local community matters
  • Despite valuing its goals, 64% are unfamiliar with the term “ESG”



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